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About Dr. Greg Casto
        God called Dr. Casto to minister The Word of God through preaching when he was 13 years old. At this point in ministry God captured Dr. Casto’s heart and attention by demonstrating His saving power in many individuals who were lost and without a hope, and completely turning their lives around.

        As time moved forward, God used Dr. Casto to minister to people through song. First, with his own family, and then taking him further with several groups which brought many awards his way, to present where he sings mostly solo just before he preaches. The current song God seems to be moving through and touching many lives as Dr. Casto sings it, is “I Choose” which was written by Rodney Griffin.

        By the age of 27, God had expanded Dr. Casto’s vision. God called Dr. Casto into pastoral ministry. Over the next 17 years he planted 3 churches in West Virginia, and he was bi-vocational during this time working on the police force. Then God sent Dr. T. L. Lowery to West Virginia to bring him to Cleveland, TN where he was mentored, and continued to grow. Dr. Lowery would become, and remains to be, one of his spiritual fathers in the faith.

        Throughout the years, Dr. Casto has had the privilege of appearing on Daystar, TBN, and several other Christian Networks, and has even had a daily television broadcast of his own.

        Now, burning with a passion and evangelistic fire for the lost, Greg began to hear the call again and has responded by traveling and preaching to many hungry souls. Dr. Casto’s calling is to take the anointed Word of God to lost and hurting people of Cleveland, TN, the US and to the world with a message of faith so that people may be saved, healed and delivered in the name of Jesus Christ. His heart is to witness God manifesting His power for spiritual renewal.

        If you would be interested in having Dr. Greg Casto come and minister in your church, please contact him at: Greg Casto Ministries, PO Box 5979 Cleveland, TN 37320-5979. You may also call 423-284-7454.

About Terri Casto
     Born in the hills of West Virginia, Terri Casto comes from a very tight knit family of five of which she is the youngest.  She has a brother and a sister, and both of her parents have went home to be with the Lord.

     At the age of 12 Terri gave her heart to Jesus under the ministry of the Casto's while Dr. Casto's mother was singing 'I Won't Be An Orphan In Heaven'.  Soon after, she became friends with the Casto family, and best friends with Dr. Greg Casto.

     Eventually she and Dr. Casto got married at the age of 19, and began their life together.  Terri worked in the medical field in West Virginia for 27 of the 35 years they have been married until the Casto's were called to Tennessee to begin a new phase of ministry for the Lord.

     They have two adult children.  Mark Casto who is in full time ministry, is married to Destani, and has given the Casto's three beautiful grandchildren.  Their daughter Brittany is 26 yrs old, married to Uriah Thomas, and have given the Casto's two beautiful granddaughters.  Brittany is very anointed and gifted in the form of dance.

     Terri is an anointed speaker, making bookings of her own, speaking in many women's ministry meetings where she flows in the healing and exhortation anointings.

     Terri loves our Lord and Saviour with all of her heart, and strives to please and to serve Him at all times as she walks with Him.
About Shannon Pickens
     Born in William Beaumont Hospital in El Paso, TX while her dad was stationed there in the Army, she is the oldest of three children.  Her parents moved around alot throughout her life, but by the age of 2, Shannon knew the tune and words to 6 different songs because her mother would sing around the house teaching her to sing early, and it has become evident that the call to sing has been on her life ever since that age.

     By the age of 15, Shannon's parents settled in Cleveland, TN where she has lived ever since.  At 17, she received her calling to sing for the Lord, Jesus Christ, and to minister peace and healing to all who would hear and truly hear what the Spirit of God would say to them through song.

     Before entering into this full time evangelistic ministry, Shannon was on praise and worship teams for 20 years where she learned how to sing harmony, and how to be submissive to those who are in places of authority over her (Although this was learned through her childhood first!).

     Always taking her calling seriously, Shannon has always allowed the Lord to lead her to the songs she sings never singing one without His permission.  Every song pours out of her heart with the hope that the hearer will receive what God is saying in such a beautiful avenue of ministry.

     In her mid to late 20's, Shannon received the gift of healing that is spoken of in 1 Corinthians 12:9, and operates in this gift often.  She, herself, has walked in Divine health ever since receiving this gift.

     As Shannon continues in her walk with the Lord, He is directing her paths into teaching His Word, and writing books that teach the uncompromised Word of God.

     Shannon has been married for 29 years and has two adult children.  Her daughter, Danyelle, is 29 yrs old, has graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center, is married to Pastor Samuel Burger (Pastor of Chestuee Worship Center), and is currently living in Delano, TN.  Her son, Justin, is 26 yrs old, married to Tami Mason Pickens, and currently living in Gilberts, Illinois, & now have a daughter who is 2 months old.